Sewer Backup Protection

Sewer backup protection is an added coverage in your insurance policy that is not usually included in most home insurance policies. This coverage assists in the event of water damage arising from the sewer system in your municipality or even your household wastewater system. In the event of a flood, sewer back-up protection can financially cover you, since many times when a flood occurs, the water drains into the municipal sewer drains. From there it can either seep into your home through the pipe connections with this system, causing malfunctions in your backflow systems, or it can overflow from sewer drains and into your home.

It is always advisable to obtain coverage for sewer and backup due to the extensive damage that water can cause to your house structure and personal belongings. Water damage is not always covered, and often not under most mainstream insurance plans, thus you should ask your insurance company what Sewer backup coverages they offer and whether this covers flood damage as well. If you live in a low-lying area where water naturally drains, it is especially recommended that you obtain such coverage. Insurance companies maybe reluctant to offer an all-encompassing coverage for water damage, as this is a major expenditure and is not a good financial investment for them, but if you require it you should insist on adequate coverage, especially in flood-prone localities.

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