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This page is dedicated to commonly misunderstood home insurance policy terms. You may click on any below to learn more of the intricate details of these wordings and what they mean for you and your family in terms of your insurance policy or subsequent claim.

When I was beginning my fire claim, I was so confused as to what these policy terms actually meant! And in a situation where you are already distraught after losing so much, it can be extremely overwhelming!

We here at Home Insurance Diary have been through it ourselves, and do not wish the same confusion on others. We encourage consumers to be thoroughly aware of this legal jargon well before investing in a home. It is our goal to make this learning as easy to digest as possible; so whether you’re a first-time home-buyer or a veteran Real Estate investor, we have something to offer you!

The best part? It is, all of it, FREE! If you are a recent victim of a disaster (fire, etc.) you will find this source of information invaluable, as we are compiling all we have learned during this process in these pages. Good luck and happy reading!


Home Insurance Policy Terms:

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